Early spring, when the flowers start to pop up all around, might be my favorite time of the year. I like the changing seasons we have in Norway, but I LOVE flowers. And especially the small ones in our forests. They great you with beautiful colors right there among the brown and dead leaves from last year. Such an amazing symbol of new life, new hope and new beginnings.

When winter is almost over and most of the snow is gone and you get a blue sky and a bright sun – that’s when you feel the darkness of wintertime start to dissipate. The sun still doesn’t warm you very much, but you can smell the spring flowers and you might actually need your sunglasses!

I love this tree outside our school. It is so beautiful with it’s amazing pink flowers!

It symbolizes the coming warmth and lighter days, which we both need and look forward to so so much, after a long, cold winter. So every spring I walk by the school and watch it bloom. It is a sure way to know that winter is over!