Strange things

… that make me smile. I find plenty of reasons to smile most days, and while it may not be strange or a reason to smile for you, I hope you’ll find some of these a little interesting or fun. 

Our neighborhood got a new school this past winter. And in the forest behind the school you can find some really nice birdhouses. Aren’t they cute?

You can find cute, special, funny, fascinating stuff all around if you look. Nature has her own way of showing us beauty.

I always look for heartshaped stones on my walks. Sometimes I find many, other times none. Most of the stones I have found, I have come across in Norway, but I also found some in California and along the beaches in Spain. They always make me happy. Give me a heartshaped stone or some colorful flowers, please 🙂

Don’t you just love this little nook I found on the side of a house? It is a corner for hugs! These are the kind of things that make me smile for a long time and remember later with a smile too. I live close to the sea and every spring there are a lot of hungry birds.

My youngest son loves patterns and colors, so he gets lots of socks in different patterns. Usually I don’t think about them much, but it made me smile and made me happy when he came and showed me his socks on May 17th – Norway’s constitution day. He has always loved colors and especially the rainbow. Last year he asked for a new rainbow-sweater. It is a very nice feeling when the kids want you to make them something or when something you knitted for yourself magically pops up in their closet.