Dinner with a view

We went for a little camping trip and ate our dinner by the water. They say it brings rest to the soul to spend time outdoors.

I love spending time by the water and when the view while eating can be like this, I understand why people go camping. I am not a big fan of tents, sleeping bags and mosquitos – well, who loves mosquitos, really? – but I guess I have to admit that my soul rested.

The kids got to experience rowing a canoe, something that actually requiers them to cooperate. But since I am not very good at explaning, according to my kids, we argued. But with no bags, no extra person in the canoe and being able to as they wanted, two of the kids on the trip enjoyed themselves in the evening. The water was really cold, so no swimming, even though we were very tempted.

We enjoyed a firepit when it wasn’t raining and had a tarp to sit under while it rained. The sound of the rain hitting the tent is actually kind of pleasant, but I was really cold the first night. I couldn’t sleep, and ended up listening to the rain and being frustrated. Got up really early and went for a walk in the forest. Great view and really nice to get moving too.