Little things

I will repeat the phrase “little things” a lot in my posts, because I believe in finding the “little things” every day. The little things that bring joy and smiles when we see or experience them. The little things that we might overlook in our hectic days, but that we need to find, capture and see. The little things to reflect and think about. The little things you didn’t even know existed. 

The little fascinating things. The little surprising things. The little unusual things that make us smile, be amused or thoughtful. The little things to find a little happiness. There are so many “little things”!

I use the “little things” every day. Some days my body and mind are not on my side, and those are the days the “little things” become extra important. These days I need to find my small pockets of happiness, reflection and fascination to keep my mind busy. On the days where everything works, nobody complains too much or argues with each other, it is so much easier to find the big things! The happiness, the smiles, the calm – the GOOD. It can always be found, but you might have to look for it a little harder some times. 

My “little things” include stones in the shape of hearts, water (of course), nature’s own artwork, flowers, ants, a sentence in a book, my kids and their facial expressions and colors. I take a lot of pictures of my “little things” even though I don’t always know why at the moment I take the picture. Reflecting on the picture afterwards often brings clarity to why I took it, and the emotion that went with it. 

If I can bring you some new ideas about these small pockets in your life, I would love to hear from you, so send me an e-mail or post a comment!

It is now August – autumn and the cold seasons are around the corner. I do love winter with snow, crystals and everything, but I hate feeling cold.

On the colder days, this view is one of the best. I get very cold in the wintertime and love the crackling sounds of the fireplace, the colors of the flames and getting warm. I am sure a lot of you know what this feels like, and it is especially wonderful after a couple of hours playing in the snow. Or when I feel cold to the bone.

Imagine snuggling up in a blanket beside the fireplace!

I am fascinated by flames and also love bonfires – well, the smaller ones. They are my favorite thing to do when it comes to hiking in autumn, winter and spring. Bonfires, hotdogs and marshmellows on our hike give lots of possibilities for the “little things”!

What about you? When are you most calm and content in colder weather?