Kids come with lots of wishes for things they want. Sometimes they wish for things so far out of reach that it is kind of funny, and when they realize that it is not an option, they are sooooo sad. And how about the wish that we, as parents, believe is too expensive… Oh – the arguments we have in our house from time to time, tears and all… Some wishes are just cute. I mean, how cute is the wish for more hugs, a popcorn and movienight in the middle of the week, a naturewalk or a special dinner just because 🙂

And sometimes they come to me with a wish for something that makes me feel extra happy. I love making things – anything from cards and jewelry to sewing clothes and knitting. Anything really 🙂

My youngest son has always loved the rainbow, and we designed a rainbow sweater some years ago when he was still in kindergarten. Seeing as he is now a teenager, that sweater was long gone. But now he felt the time was perfect for a new one!

He really wanted a rainbow sweater and he knew exactly how it was supposed to look. So I bought the yarn, knitted the sweater and he was very happy with the result! It is fun, colorful and warm.

I love when I can make things for my kids that they actually use, and I’ll keep doing so for years to come!