At the cabin

I am very very lucky! My in-laws have a cabin in the mountains and this time I went here all alone to relax. The cabin has a wonderful view of a lake and the mountains beyond. Here I have tried to just “be”, breathe and rest due to my poorer health right now. I know things will get better, but my body is not my friend these days. So here I am, alone, trying to see “the little things” every day to smile and be a little happy. The last two days have been warm, sunny and lovely outside and that makes it difficult to listen to my body… It screams for rest, while I want to go for a walk in the sunshine. Not compatible!

But I did go for a walk yesterday, through the woods, with all the fall colors around me. I listened to the birds chirping, the leaves falling and felt the sun on my face. So yes, even though my body screamed NO for the rest of the day, I am happy I went for the walk. I smiled, I laughed, I was happy, I was warm.