Time for me

It’s been a very long year. Health-wise, both physically and mentally, this year has been difficult. It has resulted in zero desire to blog, little social interaction and strange days. But things will get better if you have a little patience. Not that I have much of it, but the year hasn’t given me many choices. The sofa has been both my friend and my enemy. I guess what I am trying to do, is fix me. My husband tells me that I have to form an internal democracy, where the head and body agree on health, rest, energy use and how the days should be spent. So, for the rest of the year, this is what I am focusing on – a democracy…

What do I want? What would I like to do – learn – experience? How do I want to live my life? How can I change my circumstances to be positive? What can I do to change my mindset? What amount of exercise can my body tolerate weekly? Cronic illness is a daily battle of will.

It is always there, always prevents you from doing what you want, always puts a damper on things and always has to be worked on, and around. I do want to learn and experience new things. I want to dance, run, climb mountains (well, maybe not – heights are not my thing), paint, read, knit, sew, go on long bikerides, travel the world (now – who doesn’t want to do that! Just give me some energy and money!), swim in the ocean – even when it is cold, and work full time! But my body and mind aren’t quite on board with all my wishes..

So changing my mindset it is. What can I do without bringing harm to my body? What can I do to make everyday life easier, to make life meaningful and fun? How can I make my body work optimally for me? What can I do to improve my psyche?

These are my thoughts nowadays – what are your’s?