Starting a business – 5 things to do

What do you actually have to think about, find out and do before you start your own business? As I am starting a business with my daughter, this is what I have been thinking about for large parts of the day for the last week or so: what, how, why, maybe, don’t understand, but why, what if I, how can it work, will we make it happen, can it work, what if I do this or even… wish me luck!!

Quite a lot actually! First of all, you must remember not to panic about what you have decided to do 🙂 Second – breath! Preferably with the stomach and deep breaths. Don’t pass out, you’ll be okay! You might be saying: “yeah right… not quite sure about this one”, but I promise. You will be okay! (If I keep telling myself this, I’ll be fine, right?)

So what do you need to fix – bullet point – with no real information as I don’t have the answers yet…just my thoughts:

  • If you are going to start the company together with others, you must find out the type of company that suits you best, taxes and laws.
  • What are you going to do – what is the company about?
  • In today’s digital society, you should get a domain name and a website. To fix this, you must first find a unique name that no one else has!
  • When it comes to the payment of wages, taxes and other fees – you should have an accountant or an accounting program in place. There are many possibilities…so read up on what might suit you.
  • Do not give up if it doesn’t go well right away! You have to keep going and persevere 🙂 Many before you have tried, given up and gotten nowhere. Hang in there, work and come out victorious on the other end – maybe… that’s the scary part – whether the company will be a success or not.