Okay, so travel can make you happy, right? Or maybe a little tired? I end up very tired because I push my self too hard. I want to be a part of everything, but often end up using way more energy than I should. But I am left with lots of memories, my little things of joy and smiles, my pictures and time spent with family and friends.

I travel more than some and less than others. Usually I travel to Spain, the cabin in the mountains or small trips around to visit friends. Most of my travels have been together with my family, but seeing as the kids are now teenagers, I have started traveling more with my girl-friends and alone with my husband.

So what is the definition of travel, really? In my opinion, it is a longer trip somewhere away from home, but it doesn’t have to be for a long time or far far away. Both a trip to the cabin, a dinnervisit to see my friend’s new cabin, an overnight stay at a hotell, a trip to a new city, a three-week vacation in California, a trip to Spain, a vacation to see new places close to home… these are all travels in my opinion.

We have had some really great experiences and have plenty of memories from our travels! I am going to tell you about the Chillar riverwalk in Spain, Vestlandet in Norway, our trip to Lofoten and Universal Studios in LA. And lots of other things! Come back from time to time and see what information you can find 🙂