About me

A positive outlook on life? A sad story? A depressed mind? A hyperactive body? A complainer? An overthinker? An illness? Looking for joy and a smile from the little things?

What really is there to say? Everyone has layers. Everyone likes different things. Everyone wants happiness but doesn’t always find it? Everyone has their ups and downs, their failures and successes.

You probably sometimes overthink things or complain a lot. I know I do. But I also try to make the best of everything. I try to find the little things each day that makes me smile, reflect and be happy. Can I always find it? No! Do I try every day? Absolutely! Some periods in life are just harder than others, and some days I kind of want to give up. But there are ALWAYS small and spesial things that can brighten the day.

This blog will be my way of telling you to find these little things. If you can’t find them, I hope you can come here and find a smile, some happiness or a little cause for reflection. I will go back to these posts myself when the harder days come around, look at my pictures and remember why I took them.

So who am I?

I am a woman living in the nordic country of Norway. My family consists of my husband, me, one daughter and two sons. My husband loves the outdoors, long walks in the forest or in the mountains. Let him find a hilltop or anywhere that he can find peace from other people, and he will be happy. I love the ocean, the waterfalls, the lakes – any kind of water, really. Ask anyone in my family where I want to be, and they will tell you “by the water”.

If i lived in a country with nicer temperatures than Norway has during the winter, I would love to live right by the ocean or a big lake. I would love to bring my morning coffee out to sit on the rocks and gaze out over the ocean. Seeing as I am a water-person, I enjoy walks on the beach, along the shoreline and the sounds of the ocean. But I do need the warmer temperatures!! So I love being in Spain during summer vacation.

My teens are like most other teens – they like to/have to be connect! My daughter has a lot of friends and uses snapchat “all day long”. My boys like their gaming computers! But they also like spending time together in the pool when we are on vacation, exploring new areas (it might be difficult getting them to go, but then afterwards they appreciate it), playing frisbee-golf or different board-games when we are at the cabin.

They are beautiful, caring, hardworking and great kids! They make me angry, happy, frustrated and proud every day.

I like to walk, have tried running (not liking it yet), do not like meditation (maybe I haven’t found my match yet), like some yoga, love to ride horses (but don’t do it much), love floating in the water and swimming, like to fish for crabs by the shore (still do this and make my kids come along), don’t like to drive unless I have to (but both my husband and daughter love to drive), hate airplanes, like board-games and card-games more than computer-games and most of all – I talk a lot – to everyone and anyone (yes, I can be very annoying)!!

I am a handcrafter… I like knitting, sewing, making cards, painting and a lot of other things. I always have a couple of projects going on, and often end up with more than I can handle at one time. But these things usually makes me happy! So I am going to write about these things too.

I love dogs, but don’t have my own. My husband does not want any animals, so my compromise is borrowing a couple of beautiful border collies. You will of course get to see a picture or two of them as well. But I really want a dog of my own…

Anyway – I hope you’ll find a reason to smile today. Be happy and embrace the little things in each day!