Do you need some love?

We all need some care, some love, a smile and a little kindness from time to time. If you look for the “little things” every day, you will find signs that the universe loves you. So here you go – a little love to brighten your day! Stones […]

Flowers, flowers and flowers

I LOVE FLOWERS!! Wherever I go, I take pictures of flowers. I mean – the colors, the fragrance, the beauty!  Blues, purples, whites – cute ones! A good friend of mine knows the names of all kinds of flowers and can probable name all of these, while I […]

Birthday? Party? Get-together?

Who doesn’t love being together with friends and family? Especially after being apart during the COVID pandemic. I am sure most of us have missed being together when we want to. As our societies open up, we should embrace the “get-togethers” to enjoy our friends and family. I […]


I have always wanted a dog, but my husband doesn’t want any animals. My solution was to borrow a dog when the owner was too busy and we ended up with this beautiful lady – Melissa. She is a wonderful, cuddly and active Border Collie. Her owner dances […]

At the cabin

I am very very lucky! My in-laws have a cabin in the mountains and this time I went here all alone to relax. The cabin has a wonderful view of a lake and the mountains beyond. Here I have tried to just “be”, breathe and rest due to […]

Fall colors

Autumn is soon apon us. The temperatures in Norway are really good for now, but we all know that they will gradually drop in the weeks ahead. I love the different seasons in Norway and the changes in nature. It is fascinating to watch the leaves change color, […]


Kids come with lots of wishes for things they want. Sometimes they wish for things so far out of reach that it is kind of funny, and when they realize that it is not an option, they are sooooo sad. And how about the wish that we, as […]

Little things

I will repeat the phrase “little things” a lot in my posts, because I believe in finding the “little things” every day. The little things that bring joy and smiles when we see or experience them. The little things that we might overlook in our hectic days, but […]

Dinner with a view

We went for a little camping trip and ate our dinner by the water. They say it brings rest to the soul to spend time outdoors. I love spending time by the water and when the view while eating can be like this, I understand why people go […]


The feeling when the kids snuggle up, even when they have become teens, is one of the best feelings. It warms my heart and I just want time to stop for a while. This picture is of me and my youngest from our camping-trip, enjoying the sunset. Ask […]